Mineralogical Museum of Lavrion

Museum Type Special Interests
City Lavrion
Address Heroon Polytechneiou Square
Postal Code 341 95
Museum Description

The Society of Studies of the Lavrion Region founded the Mineralogical Museum of Lavrion, which was inaugurated in September 1986, with the aim of highlighting one of the most important aspects of the region's natural wealth. The Museum is dedicated to the memory of A. Kordellas (1836-1909), the major contributor to the revival of modern-day Lavrion.

The Lavrion area is one of the most favoured sites in the world from the point of view of its variety of minerals, and samples of its minerals are displayed in the greatest Natural History Museums.

The Mineralogical Museum of Lavrion is housed in a small but noteworthy example of the industrial architecture of the 19th century (1873), in the remains of the important metal-washing plant of the Greek Society. In the Museum's showcases are exhibited approximately 700 samples of 115 different kinds of metals, classified according to the norms of mineralogical science (DANA 1850), into the following categories: sulphides, sulphates, native elements, halogens, limes, oxides-hydroxides, arsenides, vanadiums. There are also special showcases with gangue and other minerals and with samples of various crystals.

Some of the exhibits are exceedingly rare (annabergites, serpierites, spangolites, laventulanites, etc.), while others are particularly beautiful specimens (azurite, adamsite, smithsonite, etc.). There are also rare specimens of the famous "slag minerals".

In addition to the minerals exhibited, one can also see objects related to the extraction and refining of metals (lead ingots, slag cones, lead monoxides, types of lead and slag, digging implements and lamps, apparatus used for the transportation of metals, A. Kordellas walking stick, etc.).

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