Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

Museum Type History & Archaeology
City Rhodes
Address Medieval City
Postal Code 85 100
Telephone22410-31048, 22410-79601
Museum Description

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is housed in the medieval building of the Hospital of the Knights. The building was begun in 1440 by Grand Master de Lastic with money bequeathed by his predecessor, Fluvian, and completed in 1489 by Grand Master d'Aubusson.

The Museum contains the following collections:

- Tomb groups from ancient Ialysos of the Geometric and Classical periods: vases, figurines, jewellery, metal objects.
- Tomb groups from ancient Kamiros of the Geometric and Classical periods: vases and small objects.
- A collection of Classical, Hellenistic and Roman sculpture.
- Mosaic floors of the Hellenistic period from Rhodes town and of the Early Christian period from Karpathos.
- Funerary slabs from the period of the Knights with relief representations of the dead persons or of their coats of arms.

November 1st, 2004 - March 31st, 2005

Monday: closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 08.30-15.00

6 January, Shrove Monday, Holy Saturday, Easter Monday, Holy Spirit Day, 28 October: 08.30-15.00


Grave stele of Krito and Timarista with two standing female figures. Timarista, fullface, in a chiton and peplos embraces Krito, who is dressed in a chiton and himation and has short hair. 420-410 BC

Two headless Archaic kouroi from Kamiros. 550-530 BC.

Amphora of Fikellura style Rhodian workshop. It has palmettes below the handles and depicts an animal on the front and back. 6th c. BC.

Black-figure Attic amphora showing a warrior's departure. 6th c. BC.

Grave stele of Kalliarista. It depicts the dead Kalliarista, seated, in a chiton and himation which covers her head. Her servant, standing, holds a pyxis with her cosmetics. The stele has a pedimental capping resting on pilasters. Ca. 350 BC.

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