Hellenic Children's Museum

Museum Type Special Interests
City Athens
Address 14, Kidathineon Street
Postal Code 10558
Fax 210-3312997
Email info@hcm.gr

Museum Description

The HELLENIC CHILDREN'S MUSEUM is a non-profit educational and cultural organization legally established in Athens, Greece in 1987. It is governed by a 7 member Board of Directors elected from a General Assembly of 52 members.

The Hellenic Children's Museum exists to encourage every child to discover, to understand, to learn, to enjoy and to shape the world in which (s)he lives with a respect for individuality and an emphasis on team work.

One of the early museum experiences for children, where they are provided with an environment adjusted to their needs and abilities, is the Hellenic Children’s Museum.

The main philosophy of the Museum is the conviction that:
- real objects
- direct experiences and
- entertainment
- support learning.

We use a variety of strategies and programs to respond to the way each person learns.

At the same time, children need to grow up with a feeling of safety, trust in themselves with respect for others and the natural environment that surrounds them.

The Hellenic Children’s Museum encourages imagination , curiosity , speculation and realism.

It provides opportunities for the development of the child’s perception of the world, it promotes participation in society and it contributes to the understanding of differences among people.

The principles that rule our operation and our basic commitments are:
- To be constantly at the service of all children.
- To create Exhibits and Programs that stimulate thinking, through interaction with real objects.
- To preserve our collections at high level and keep them available to the public.
- To attract and support personnel that will contribute to the Museum with its creativity and specialisation and will be devoted to children.
- To provide support for parents.
- To co-operate with educators and personnel from other social carriers in order to present the philosophy of our Museum and the means it possesses.

To function as a national, research and development centre, which studies new methods of informal education, and new roles for Museums to play.

According to its charter the main aim of the “Hellenic Children’s Museum” is the operation of a Children’s Museum. Through the cooperation with the Municipality of Athens – Cultural Organization in December 1994, the “Children’s Museum” was founded at 14, Kidathineon Street in the Plaka.

The Children’s Museum is a space specially designed both to meet the needs and abilities of children and to support the parents and the teachers who contribute to their development. The philosophy of the Museum is based on contemporary educational theory which shows that children learn most effectively through active participation and interaction with objects.

In the Children’s Museum, children can:
- observe,
- investigate,
- imagine,
- play,
- experiment and
- create.

The exhibits and the educational programs are developed by experts and contribute to a child’s development by encouraging:
- critical thinking,
- initiative,
- creativity,
- discovery of knowledge and
- autonomy.

The Children’s Museum is a place that offers multifaceted education and recreation, and constitutes an important first step in a child’s familiarity with the "museum".

In the Children’s Museum Exhibition Area 
- Educational activities and Tributes for children from 4 to 12 years old.
- Children’s parties
Adult Education 
- Seminar program “Education in Museums”
- Parents’ Sensitization Courses
- Other seminars for adults
Other Services 
- Museum kits
- Toyshop
- Material shop

Free entrance
Tuesday to Friday: 10.00 – 14.00
Saturday & Sunday: 10.00 – 15.00

The Museum is closed on Mondays and on National holidays.

Admission to the Museum is free.

Showcase "Children’s Collections": In this showcase, children collectors may present their own collections and they can discover the meaning of group, class, conservation, while at the same time they can present themselves and share their hobby with a wider public.

Exhibit "The Attic": At the exhibit the attic children have a unique opportunity to play with the collections found there and discover their secrets.

Multiple Use Hall: This space is used for various expositions such as photographic ones, seminars, meetings and adult educational programs as well as educational activities for children and other Museum celebrations and gatherings.

Exhibit "Nutrition": The exhibit’s aim is for children to understand the value of proper nourishment as well as the importance of obtaining daily all the necessary elements for our health by each food group. THE EXHIBIT’S PHILOSOPHY: This exhibit provides visitors with the opportunity to discover food groups, the nutritional value each contains, as well as the part of our body they benefit the most. Children and adults, through various activities, are encouraged to adopt healthy food habits and to check the quality and identity of the products they use.

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