Archaeological Museum of Chania

Museum Type History & Archaeology
City Chania
Address Chania,
Postal Code 731 31
Fax 28210-94487
Museum Description

The museum is housed in the katholikon of the Venetian monastery of St. Francis. During the period of the Turkish occupation it was the Muslim mosque of Yussuf Pasha, while in modern times it was used as a cinema or a storehouse for military equipment. Since 1963 it has been functioning as the Archaeological Museum of the city. Apart from the permanent exhibition, the museum houses temporary exhibitions in the frame of certain local events (such as the exhibition of musical instruments or on the birth of writing), as well as music concerts.

The collections include:

- Minoan finds from the city of Chania
- Prehistoric finds from caves
- Minoan items from various sites in the prefecture
- Finds from graves of the Geometric period
- Finds from the city of Chania, dated to historic times
- Finds from other towns of the Chania prefecture
- Coins Jewellery (prehistoric and historic times)
- Sculpture, inscriptions, stelae Mosaics

Special ticketing package for the Archaeological and the Byzantine Museum of Chania: € 3 (reduced: € 2).

Winter Opening Hours

Opening Hours for Archaeological Sites, Museums and Monuments
November 1st, 2004 - March 31st, 2005
Monday: closed Tuesday-Sunday: 08.30-15.00
Holidays 6 January, Shrove Monday, Holy Saturday, East

Clay sealing from Kasteli, near Chania, with a representation of a Minoan city and its patron deity. Dated to the second half of the 15th century B.C.

Clay tablet inscribed with signs of the Linear A script from Kasteli near Chania, dated to 1450 B.C.

Small clay tablets with texts in Linear B script, from Kasteli near Chania. Dated to 1300 B.C.

Clay pyxis with a representation of a kithara player. It comes from a chamber tomb in the area of Koiliaris in Kalyves-Aptera and dates to 1300-1200 B.C.

Ancient Cycladic style Vessel, Episkopi, Kissamos

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