Dear magazine I need your advice

I need your advice on something very important, since you have the experience: For a while know I think that my wife is cheating on me. I see all the signs: the phone rings and hangs up when I answer. She's started going out with "girls" and when I ask which girls, she says "some frinends from work, you don't know them. When she comes back i always keep an eye to see if she comes back in a taxi but she always gets off at the previous corner and walks. One day I picked up her mobile to see the time and she grabbed it out of my hand screaming that its not right to snoop in other people's things. Up until know I have not spoken to her about these suspicions. Maybe deep inside I don't want to know the truth. Yesterday she went out with her "girlfriends" and I decided to check up on her. Before the time she said that she was going to return, I went out on the street and hid behind my car to seee if she was coming home in a taxi or with someone else. While I was waiting for her I noticed that there was rust on my car. So, I need your advice: should I go to a mechanic or go buy stuff from Praktiker and fix it myself?

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