The moral

Bach, Mozart and Mendelson are in Germany, discussing for hours about their compositions. Suddenly Bach says:

“Guys, why don’t we go on a holiday and relax?”
The others agree and the cruise to the Carribean is planned. While the music composers were gazing at the crystal waters of the Carribean, they are attacked by pirates! They took over the ship and took them to their pirate ship. They then tied them to the bow. The chief captain untied Bach first and said to him:

“If you clean all the deck, peel potatoes, wash the dishes, I will spare your your life.”
Bach answers:

“My hands are too important I cannot risk harming them doing such things. I provide work for humanity.”
Without a second thought the pirate chops his head off. When he asked the other two, they both answered negatively, so he killed them. The moral of this story: piracy kills music!

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