Blind pilots

The passengers of a flight are sitting in their seats waiting for the pilots. Soon enough, two men walk in dressed in pilot suits. They are wearing black glasses. One of the two is guided by a guide dog and the other finds his way with the help of a walking stick.

They walk into the cockpit and shut the door.

Most passengers are laughing nervously and everyone is looking at each other with shock and fright. Some are looking for their cameras.

A few minutes later the a engines of the aeroplane start and it speeds down the runway. It goes faster and faster but seems like it is never going to take off. the passengers look out their windows and realize that the aeroplane at the end of the runway.

The aeroplane is now going faster and anjd most passengers realize the aeroplane will never take off and they will fall in the lake.

Screams of the frightened passengers fill the aeroplane, but at that exact moment, the plane takes off nicely, without a problem. The passengers relax, smile thinking this was all a bad joke.

A few minutes later the incident is forgotten.

In the cockpit, the pilots searches the dashboard, finds the automatic pilot button and turns it on. He then says to the co pilot.

" You know what really worries me?"
" No" says the other pilot.
" One of these days, they're going to scream too late and were all going to drown..."

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