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1000 Aspirins
20 years vibrator
24 hours
Blind pilots
Blonde mother - blonde daughter
Bobo and the postman
Dear magazine I need your advice
Father's fault
God and Adam
Hail Greece...
How do we call a woman that was born in Greece, grew up in America, traveled to France and died in Germany?
How do we call the cock that goes to the edge of the cliff and doesn't jump?
How many years can a mouse live?
I like to hear it...
In a car there is a person from Kalamata, a person from Pyrgos and a person from Patras. Who is driving?
In bed
In which battle did Alexander the Great die?
It doesn't matter
It was an exception
Logical conclusion!
Love is blind!
Marriage and conversations
Math question
Mercedes or Ford?
Our Big Fat Greek Divorce
Santa Claus
She hadn't studied
Simitis drowning
Thank God!
The age of the blonde
The blonde and the penguin
The blonde and the television
The blonde secretary
The cab driver
The car!
The Cattle breeder
The divorce
The dung
The intelligence of animals
The lucky husband
The Monk
The moral
The old man and his relatives
The process
The self made man
The support
They got married
What a coincidence
What does an Albanian do at a theater
What hardens when you wet it?
What is grey and it not there?
What sport does Kostas Kenteris play in his free time?
Why did God made first the man and then the woman?
Why is it so difficult for a woman to find a man who is sensitive and handsome to take care of her?

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